4000 Ridgewood Road
Jackson, Mississippi  39211

Covenant Presbyterian Preschool

Committed to the Christian nurture of each child.

Covenant Presbyterian Preschool provides a morning preschool for ages 15 months to Kindergarten. The program is designed to nurture each child in every area of development: spiritual, social, intellectual, physical, and emotional.

The philosophy of the school is one of commitment to the Christian nurture of each child to an awareness of his/her soul, his/her response to God and to the recognition of his/her uniqueness in God's sight. Recognizing that very young children need to experience God's love daily through others, the staff Covenant Preschool are Christians whose love for God radiates through them to the children.  The teachers are those who believe their teaching is a gift that God has given them.

Interwoven into the preschool program is an inclusion program for children with special needs. Each child is provided a normal preschool experience and encouraged to participate in all activities.  In addition, he/she may receive speech therapy and special education instruction from qualified staff.  The preschool determines the needs of the preschool-age child and plans the program that will meet those needs.

The preschool provides a safe, healthful and attractive setting wherein a desirable preschool education can take place. In other words, it provides a rich, full and happy school environment promoting the development of each child to his/her fullest potential in relation to age and needs.

* Provides opportunities and equipment for meeting physical needs.
* Provides a wealth  of experiences promoting creative expression.
* Provides the basis for later experiences which will develop intellectual factors.
* Guides children in modifying behaviors as members of a social group.
* Assists children in gaining the degree of emotional control possible for the age.
* Helps children develop an interest in and enjoyment of school through many satisfying learning experiences.
Number of days per week a child is required to attend (age based):

15 mo. old:      2, 3 or 5 mornings per week
2 years old: 2, 3 or 5 mornings per week
3 years old: 3 or 5 mornings per week
4 years old: 3 or 5 mornings per week
5 years old: 5 mornings per week

For more information,
contact the Preschool Office today
at 601-362-7228.

You may also email us at preschool@covenantpresjackson.org.

Holly Clark, Preschool Director
Shelle Abraham, Assistant Director

Amy Turner, Bookkeeper